No cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to our executive coaching. We provide one-on-one leader development tailor-made to each client starting with a thorough front-end analysis to identify strengths to build upon and gaps to address. No fluff. Our development program is focused on identifying and articulating your personal goals, charting a clear path to unlocking the critical “habits of thought” and “habits of action” that enable a leader to create belief in an organization and achieve the essence of leadership… getting the “80” sitting on the fence, to perform like the “nine.”


What are the attributes of a leader? What are the critical tasks of a leader in any organization? BP McCoy delivers keynote addresses with laser-focused content tailored to your exact needs and will reinforce your vision for the organization. Scalable for large groups or small BP delivers a talks with strong visuals peppered with captivating first person stories of success, failure and struggle designed around a few select and provocative questions meant to draw the audience into an illuminating introspective conversation regarding one’s own leadership preparation and how that manifests in action. The take-away from a keynote address is healthy dose of introspection and creates a bias for action among the listeners.


Why does one organization seem to outperform the others around it? It takes more than “striking a bold leadership pose” to take an organization to the next level and make it resilient in the midst of a tumultuous market place. We will walk you and your team through our proprietary 4-3-7 process and apply Rigor, Transparency, and Accountability ™ to enable you and your team to articulate, resource, and achieve the vision for your organization that is CLEAR, CONSISTENT and CONNECTS to your workforce. BP and Gene will systematically hone your goals into a precision message paired with concrete steps winning the hearts and minds of the people in your organization and dramatically increase productivity.

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