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  • National Youth Leadership Forum
  • National Reconnaissance Office
  • United States Naval Academy
  • The United States Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School, Command and Staff College, and The Basic School
  • Numerous US Army and US Navy organizations
  • The 2006 Conference on World Affairs, University of Colorado.
  • The National War College and National Defense University
  • The Norwegian Army Krigsskolen (Military Academy)
  • The Israeli Defense Force Armor Center


"The highlight for me yesterday was Marine Colonel Bryan McCoy talking about The Passion of Command: The Moral Imperative of Leadership. His subject was how you keep your Marines alive and functioning when they haven't slept in days, are hungry, cold, and are being shot at. I'm against McCoy and his Marines having to be in Iraq, but I went away from the talk glad that we had Colonels like McCoy. I hope we have a lot more like him."
Marc Rochkind 2006 Conference on World Affairs, University of Colorado

"Colonel McCoy's talk was right on target…exactly what we needed to hear…every commander wants a copy of the presentation and his book."
Lieutenant Colonel Ben Uzi, Israeli
Defense Force

"The presentation really resonated with the leaders…even after a decade of war there is much to learn…best was probably the discussion on difficult leadership situations"
Commander J. Sands USN (SEAL TEAM 6)

"Great book. Applicable to a leader in any field (business, military, etc.)A worthy read for any leader, regardless of whether or not you are going into battle. Leadership is leadership, many lessons worth learning, or just hearing again."
Phillip Wearson

"The Passion of Command offers a clear path to being a successful leader in any venue. Few situations may carry the severity of consequences that command of a combat unit entails, but the lessons Lt. Col. McCoy learned on the battlefield and through years of study (he frequently cites the works of experts like Gen. John A. Lejeune and Gen. Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz) have deep resonance and inspire a profound respect in the reader; this alone should serve to demonstrate the depth of his understanding of his subject. "
Elias (Good Reads)