In every walk of life the "10-80-9&1" ratio holds true, no matter how elite we think we are.  The crux of leadership is to get the 80 “sitting on the fence” to perform line the 9, AND allow you to retain the 9 that are your most talented performers
Nearly all business leaders deal with low employee engagement and reduced productivity, these “unengaged” are the “80”
Nearly all business leaders are confronted with competition to keep their best performers the “9” and resort to dangling perk packages to keep them.

At Xiphos Initiatives we believe that people are more important than process and leadership is the X factor, the difference that makes a difference that not only will increase productivity and retention, but will add value to peoples lives. 
When your leadership message is clear, consistent and connects to your workforce, they will be engaged and mobilize to your organization’s goals. Additionally, you will retain your most talented performers through leadership and not the “dangleship” of perk packages.



With 28 years of experience leading Marines all over the world to include multiple tours involving direct combat in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, BP McCoy will guide you through his 4-3-7 process used to mold 3rd Battalion 4th Marines into the history making unit that toppled the Saddam Statue in 2003 and then went on to distinguish itself in the house to house fighting in Fallujah. BP steps you through the process to unlock the critical “habits of thought” and “habits of action” that enable a leader to create belief in an organization and achieve the essence of leadership… getting the “80” sitting on the fence, to perform like the “nine.” With nearly a hundred leadership presentations and workshops delivered to military and civilian organizations alike, BP custom designs the perfect talk and/or workshop for you and your organization.


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This isn’t a “cotton candy” motivational talk that goes nowhere.  If you are interested in having a high content key note address that not only evokes healthy introspection on one’s own leadership decisions and style, but also will equip you with tools you can put to use right away,  then you are in the right place.

BP McCoyAuthor, Speaker, Coach

Author of  The Passion of Command
The Moral Imperative of Leadership


Through a very interactive workshop based on the adult learning model ,  we will guide you and your team through our proprietary 4-3-7 process and apply Rigor, Transparency, and Accountability ™ to enable you and your team to articulate, resource, and achieve the vision for your organization that is CLEAR, CONSISTENT and CONNECTS to your workforce. BP and Gene will systematically hone your goals into a precision message paired with concrete steps winning the hearts and minds of the people in your organization and dramatically increase productivity and retain your best performers.


“Of every 100 men in battle, 10shouldn’t even be there, 80are nothing but targets, 9 are the real fighters and we are lucky to have them since they make the battle. Ah but the one, the one is the warrior, and he brings the others home” - Heraclitus Greek Philosopher 500 BC


How to hit a “curve ball”… Why does one organization seem to outperform the others around it? It takes more than “striking a bold leadership pose” Leaders of all organizations are confronted with the twin challenges of engaging their workforce to create and increase productivity and to retain their most talented performers.  We believe leadership is the X factor, the difference that makes a difference that not only will increase productivity and retention, but will add value to peoples lives.